Joe Biden's Strategy Is To 'Ignore' Donald Trump As He Refuses To Go Away, Report Says

Despite losing both the Electoral College and the popular vote in the 2020 presidential election, President Donald Trump has refused to concede to Democrat Joe Biden, alleging widespread voter fraud and putting pressure on Republican lawmakers to challenge the results of the race.

According to a Sunday report from Bloomberg, Biden's team is not bothered by Trump's refusal to accept the will of the American people. Individuals briefed on the matter told the outlet that the plan is to simply ignore the commander-in-chief, even if he refuses to go away.

"Aware of the chaos and distraction Donald Trump has proved he can muster, the president-elect and his advisers have developed a strategy they believe is the only way to neutralize the threat: ignore him."
Biden's advisers told Bloomberg that they see no point in engaging with Trump, noting that this strategy paid off during the election when the Democrat campaigned on tackling the coronavirus pandemic and reviving the economy.

One of the advisers, Kate Bedingfield, explained that the president-elect has been "adamant that we were not going to get down in the gutter with Donald Trump every day."

"That's not who he is, and that's not what the American people want to see in a president," she added.

Still, as the publication noted, Trump has shown no intention of retiring from politics. The commander-in-chief is still the most influential voice in the Republican Party and he has reportedly told associates that he plans on running again in 2024.

Biden will face unexpected crises when he enters the White House as Trump seems adamant to make his job harder, according to former Democratic Congressman Steve Israel, who described the situation as "unprecedented."

"We've never had a former president who is dedicated to the proposition of the failure of his successor," said Israel, who is currently the director of the Institute of Politics and Global Affairs at Cornell University.

Nonetheless, some close to Biden believe there could be a "silver lining" to Trump's ubiquitous presence in American politics. They reportedly believe that the commander-in-chief is so "toxic" that he will unite different factions of the Democratic Party and make it easier for Biden to enact his preferred agenda.

President Donald Trump walks to the Oval Office while arriving back at the White House.
Getty Images | Tasos Katopodis

Biden has repeatedly suggested that he will be able to work with Republicans on Capitol Hill, telling a group of donors last month that "as Donald Trump's shadow fades away, you're going to see an awful lot change."

Polling suggests that most Republican voters do not view Biden as the legitimate winner of the 2020 election. For instance, a November Rasmussen Reports poll found that 61 percent of Republicans believe Democrats stole the presidential race.