Victoria's Secret Model Kelly Gale Rocks A Macramé Bikini And Ankle Weights While Working Her Shredded Abs

Treva Bowdoin

Kelly Gale provided some major motivation for her fans to stick to their New Year's fitness resolutions on Saturday. The Victoria's Secret model showed off her washboard stomach in a revealing bikini while performing an abdominal exercise.

Kelly, 25, has appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, so she knows a thing or two about how to look good in a bathing suit. In her latest Instagram post, she informed her followers that she'll be sharing some of her body-sculpting moves on her YouTube page, and she kicked off her free 2021 fitness program with a short ab workout.

Kelly showed off the fruits of her labor in a gray macramé bikini. The two-piece was crafted out of material that looked like suede. Cords of the fabric stretched over her breasts to form the top's triangular cups. They were bound together at the triangles' top points to create the shoulder straps. Spaces between the cords revealed glimpses of sideboob, but small pieces of lining kept Kelly's photos from being NSFW.

Her bottoms featured a wide band of cords arranged in neat rows and knotted together. The strappy, belt-like piece formed the garment's waist and sides, while the crotch and back were constructed out of solid pieces of stretch fabric.

Kelly wore her dark hair down in soft, natural waves that were brushed back from her face. Her bling consisted of a delicate ankle chain and a pair of silver linear drop earrings. Each earring was studded with two tiny diamonds. Kelly's other accessories weren't meant to be aesthetically pleasing — she finished her look with a pair of pink-and-black ankle weights.

Kelly was photographed outdoors on a veranda with a wood plank floor. She had found a sunny area to place her exercise mat, which featured a black marble pattern. She was pictured lying on her back on the textured mat, assuming a classic sit-up position. Her first photo was a selfie. She kept one hand behind her head and held the other out to take the pic. The second shot was taken from the side. Both hands were behind her head, and she lifted her neck and upper shoulders off the ground.

"I'm so excited. Thank you for sharing these great workouts!" one appreciative admirer wrote in the comments section.

"You have a perfect figure, just fire," another message read.

"You need exercise like an elephant does. Kelly always look fine and that derriere always delicious," a third fan added.