January 4, 2021
WWE News: Paul Heyman Teases Potential Partnership With Athlete Who's Being Touted As The Next Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman may have discovered the new Brock Lesnar. The former executive director of Monday Night Raw took to Twitter this weekend and retweeted a photo of Parker Boudreaux, an offensive lineman for the University of Central Florida who's already being compared to "The Beast Incarnate."

Boudreaux's original post featured him showing off his muscles and revealing that big things were coming this year. Heyman subsequently took to the social media platform and stated that the football star's tweet was a "spoiler" and encouraged his followers to save the "#HustleTweet for historical reference."

While Heyman could have been showing his support for Boudreaux with no other motive behind it, his post suggested that there could be a partnership brewing between the pair. The "Hustle" reference alludes to Heyman's brand, and he might be touting the athlete as one of his future WWE clients.

Boudreaux has caught the attention of some wrestling officials, and the comparisons to Lesnar are uncanny. In addition to boasting a similar physique and appearance, his Twitter biography describes him as "The Next Big Thing." This was Lesnar's nickname when he broke into WWE in the early 2000s.

As documented by SEScoops, Jim Ross has also set his sights on the offensive lineman. The Hall of Famer -- who currently works for AEW -- revealed that he'd like to see Boudreaux join Tony Khan's promotion down the line.

It's currently unknown if Boudreaux even intends on becoming a professional wrestler. It's possible that he wants to pursue a career on the field, but his tweets have indicated that he's a fan of both of the major sports entertainment promotions in North America.

It's not uncommon for football stars to make the transition to the squared circle, even those who weren't fans in the past. However, it's clear some major players within the industry are fans of Boudreaux.

It remains to be seen if Vince McMahon is interested in recruiting Boudreaux, but he ticks off many of the boxes that the WWE chairman looks for in a superstar. He's signed many former NFL players in the past, including the likes of Baron Corbin, Mojo Rawley and Mace, and Boudreaux getting props from Heyman could go a long way.

McMahon might also be keen to replace Lesnar with a younger talent, especially considering that the future of "The Beast Incarnate" is uncertain as he became a free agent earlier this year.