January 4, 2021
WWE's Lacey Evans Flaunts Legs & Cleavage In Unapologetic Lingerie Snap: 'I Could Care What People Think'

WWE superstar Lacey Evans took to Instagram on Saturday, January 3, and let her critics know that she couldn't care less what they think about her. She also dressed down for the occasion, sharing a snap for her 1.3 million followers that featured her rocking sultry lingerie. The image can be viewed here.

In the photo, Evans sat on a white stool, staring into a handheld mirror with a thoughtful expression on her face. She wore a red lingerie set complete with stockings and suspenders, showing off her fantastic physique. The outfit was topped off with a semi-sheer black cover-up, which she left open to expose her legs and cleavage.

The backdrop was decorated with some of Evans' favorite memorabilia, including an American flag and a U.S. Marines uniform. One of her "Sassy Southern Belle" outfits was also visible in the background, but the superstar wasn't interested in wearing it for this photo opportunity.

In the caption, Evans revealed that she refused to let the actions of others dictate her own. She said she isn't bothered by what people think about her, and she won't lose sleep because of it. According to Evans, her only concerns are supporting her loved ones and taking care of herself, all while looking fabulous in the process.

The post received lots of positive feedback, gaining over 117,000 likes and hundreds of comments at the time of this writing. Most of the replies were complimentary toward the wrestler, especially her appearance in the snap.

Lacey Evans poses for a photo

"You're gonna give me a heart attack," one Instagram user wrote.

"I started learning that this year about not caring what others say or think..especially since I have a husband [and] kids who love me [and] that all that matters," a second fan noted.

"I think I have feelings for you," a third follower gushed, finishing their compliment with a love heart emoji.

As The Inquisitr documented, Evans has tantalized her fans with several sultry snaps recently, including another one in which she sported red lingerie.

In the photo, the wrestler lounged on a couch and used her trademark hat to cover her face. That image was uploaded as her farewell to 2020, but the latest one suggests that fans can expect to see plenty of similar ones in the coming months as well.

Fans who want to see Evans in the ring will also get to see her on the next episode of Monday Night Raw.