Kelly Ripa Shows Off Long, Toned Legs In A Tiny Black Dress As She Says Goodbye To 2020

Award-Winning Kelly Ripa Announces New Role as Persona™ Nutrition's Celebrity Brand Ambassador on February 19, 2020 in New York City.
Craig Barritt / Getty Images

Kelly Ripa used a photograph to sum up her feelings about 2020. Her long legs were on full display as she readied to kick the old year out the door and usher in the new 365 better days ahead.

The gorgeous blonde looked stunning in the snap. She donned a tiny, black dress that had silver adornments atop it and paired it with sky-high, pointy-toed pumps in the same dark tone. Her tanned and toned legs were crossed atop one another and the skirt of the tiny mini dress rode high up her thighs. The snap, taken on the set in a private study, showed Kelly in character holding a bullwhip. On a large wrought iron stand directly to the actress’s left was a book. Beyond that, a bookshelf held dozens of tomes.

She sat in an oversized brown leather chair and looked off-camera. Her short, blond hair was blown out straight and framed her face.

The pic was taken on the set of Riverdale when Kelly guest-starred alongside her husband, Mark Consuelos, as Mrs. Mulwray, the alleged mistress of Consuelos’ monstrous mogul, Hiram Lodge, in January 2019. At the time, Kelly said of her appearance in an Instagram post, seen here, that the show was a family affair. She said that she had been auditioning for the role for 23 years, and it was one she was born to play.

Mrs. Mulwray was not only Hiram’s mistress but an inspector who had been testing the water in Sweetwater River, declaring it both clean and unsanitary in different documents to help the businessman achieve his dastardly aims, reported Entertainment Weekly.

In the caption, she penned her feelings toward the past 365 days, echoing the sentiments of many of her followers who felt the same way about the tumultuous year when lives were upended as the world battled the coronavirus pandemic.

Kelly’s fans felt ready to push 2020 to the curb as well. They shared their feelings in the comments section of the post.

“Amen!!!! Btw, you look Marvelous! (Billy Crystal Voice),” wrote one follower.

“Yeeees! Fun times to come,” claimed a second fan.

“And don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out,” joked a third Instagram user of 2020.

“Yeah 2020, don’t forget to take charcuterie boards with ya on your way out,” remarked a fourth follower of the small bites that became quite trendy throughout the year as people found ways to entertain themselves with food.