WWE News: Former Writer Claims Company Is Punishing ‘Monday Night Raw’ Superstar For Pitching Storyline Ideas

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WWE officials might be burying Elias for being too focused on his job. This was the view of Vince Russo during the latest episode of Sportskeeda‘s Legion of Raw podcast. The former company writer revealed that the superstar might be too creative for his own good, and that might be why he hasn’t found much success lately.

Elias faced AJ Styles on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. The musician was unable to pick up the victory against the former World Champion, however, even though he had Jaxson Ryker at ringside to support him.

The guitar-playing performer was recently paired up with Ryker on television, suggesting that they could both be in line for a new creative direction. Their momentum appears to have stalled, however, possibly because they’re both being punished.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, Ryker also upset some employees for coming out in support of Donald Trump earlier this year. It is believed that there’s still some heat on the former U.S. Marine, though his partnership with Elias suggested that he was being given another chance.

Elias could be getting disciplined for different reasons to his tag partner, though. Russo claimed that Elias is always trying to figure out new ways to improve his character. He also claimed that the Monday Night Raw star contacted him while he was still a member of the NXT roster, as he wanted to pick his brain.

Elias carries his guitar over his shoulder

The former WWE writer went on to say that Elias is always suggesting storylines to the company’s creative team. According to Russo, officials don’t like it when performers try to have input regarding their role on television.

“This is a guy who 24/7 is thinking about the Elias character. This is the guy… he’s pitching them ideas, emailing them ideas. Bro, they don’t like that, which is absolute insanity. That’s ego. All that is ego because if a guy is putting that much effort in, rather than embrace him, you’re gonna screw him? Bro, the whole mentality is so whacked.”

Russo noted that when he wrote for WWE, he loved it when the wrestlers pitched angles to him. He said that he had to come up with storylines for up to 80 wrestlers, which meant he might not be able to focus on certain talents. Having the wrestlers suggest thought-out angles made his job easier, and he thinks the current staff should be more open-minded.