Jessica Simpson’s Fans Take Issue With Her Latest Makeup-Free Selfie

Jessica Simpson attends Create & Cultivate Los Angeles at Rolling Greens Los Angeles on February 22, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Jessica Simpson shared a new selfie where she was seen sans makeup. The gorgeous singer, actress, and businesswoman posted the pic to show what she believed an exhausted mom looked like. However, it appears her intended meaning was lost as Instagram followers focused on several other things in the snap.

In the caption, Jessica wrote that motherhood in holiday quarantine was tiring and had taken a lot out of her.

Jessica sported a clean face, turned to show her left side. She appeared to be reclining on a piece of brown furniture with a tan swirl design. Jessica had on a couple of necklaces and a dark top with a design over the left breast. The close-up snap also captured her long, blond hair which was worn loose and tumbled down her shoulders.

In the comments section of the post, social media users focused on two things they found prominent in the image — her lips and a charm that hung from one of the two chains that rested on her chest.

“What did you do to your lips?” wrote one person, seeming to imply that Jessica had cosmetic work done on her mouth.

“I agree, it’s just a shame because it changed her face and she was so pretty,” penned a second commenter.

Other users agreed that her lips appeared fuller than they were previously.

Another area of the photo that some fans remarked on was Jessica’s necklace and matching sweatshirt design. It depicted a symbol that supposedly deflects bad energy from others, known as a Mati in Greek culture. Some people liked the idea while others felt it went against Jessica’s Christian faith.

“So pretty as always. I hate to see the all-seeing eye all over you though,” wrote a third Instagram user.

“That is definitely not a Christian necklace so I’m beginning to think you aren’t really Christian. Also, I wouldn’t be expressing how exhausted you are when you are a multi-millionaire and there are people struggling to keep their homes and businesses right now,” was another comment.

That above comment generated over 65 responses from followers of the singer, who noted that as a mother of three children with husband Eric Johnson — Birdie, Ace, and Maxwell — she had the right to be tired, even if she had some help in her household. They also felt she had a right to wear whatever clothing and accessories she chose, since the items would not change her core religious beliefs.