'The Bachelorette' Lovebirds Clare Crawley & Dale Moss Take A 'Monumental Step' In Their Relationship

The Bachelorette Clare Crawley quickly fell in love with Dale Moss while filming her season last summer, and they've been virtually inseparable ever since then. The two have gotten engaged, traveled together, and already done some house-hunting. Now, they apparently just took another significant leap forward in their relationship.

On Monday, Dale shared the update with his Instagram page. The photo showed Dale sitting in a styling salon chair. He had a cape around his neck and covering his torso, and it had "De Facto Salon" across it in white lettering. It just so happens that's the name of Clare's place in Sacramento.

As Dale held the phone to snap the photo, he scratched his scalp with his other hand. He made a silly scrunched face as Clare stood behind him with a clipper in one hand. She looked toward the mirror with what appeared to be a questioning look on her face, and there was good reason for that.

In his caption, The Bachelorette winner explained that this was the first time Clare was cutting his hair for him. She is a hairstylist, so it's not as if she's a complete novice here. However, this was apparently the first time in the four or five months they've been engaged that he's let her take the reins in providing him with a cut.

Dale joked that this was a monumental step for them and he added a hashtag about "winning." In a comment added on Tuesday, he said that Clare crushed it. Apparently, he now considers it to be the best cut he's ever had.

It looks like his nearly 760,000 Instagram followers adored this post. It has received more than 78,000 likes and 510 comments so far, with numerous fans getting a kick out of the update.

"The trust in your relationship is strong!!! We will need an after pic as well... LOL," one person commented.

"I love you two as a couple. Stay dedicated to success!" another praised.

"Y'all are so great together! I'm happy everything worked out the way it did. Hopefully she gets that haircut right!" a third user teased.

"This is by far my favourite photo," someone else detailed.

This might be the first time that Dale allowed Clare to cut his hair, but by all accounts, this relationship has been going quite well since that summer proposal.

Not long ago, The Bachelorette lovebirds were in New York where he was based before filming the show. She accidentally referred to him as her husband, although she later insisted they weren't married and it was a slip. Clare and Dale may not be married yet, but it certainly sounds as if they're already looking forward to taking that next step.