Aly & AJ Release Explicit Version Of 'Potential Breakup Song' 13 Years After Kid-Friendly Hit

Pop music singers Aly and AJ Michalka have released a rebooted version of their 2007 hit "Potential Breakup Song," but it's definitely not for kids.

The singing sisters thrilled their all-grown-up fans with the update to their chart-topping tune from their old school Insomniatic album. The remake comes following a TikTok tease as the 13-year-old song saw a resurgence on the video-sharing platform.

While the song about a bad boyfriend sounds similar to the original from afar, the explicit version is edgier and includes several F-bombs that have been swapped out in the lyrics. In the new single, the sisters still freak out about a forgotten birthday and ask for their stuff back -- while using a different "S" word.

In the comments section of the duo's YouTube post of the revamped "Potential Breakup Song," fans reacted to the NSFW release.

"I feel like a 6th grader saying 'f*ck' for the first time listening to this," one listener wrote.

"This is the remake I didn't know I needed!" another added.

But others admitted that they inserted curse words into the song years ago.

"Let's be honest...we all sang THIS version," one fan quipped.

"My twenty-one-year-old self feels complete, even though my younger self shouted out in my head with the f-bombs," another added.

You can check out the remake below.

Earlier this year, AJ told Us Weekly the track she recorded as a teen needed a makeover for modern times.

"I would love that song to get, like, a facelift," she said in August. "I do like revisiting that song live and playing it for our fans. But... I think the way pop music has changed now, we'd reproduce it and make it kind of a whole other thing."

The sisters, now 31 (Aly) and 29 (AJ), also plan to drop a new single each month, which will pave the way for a new album in the spring, according to Vulture. Aly & AJ already released the songs "Attack of Panic," "Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor" and "Slow Dancing" this year, before unloading on the no-good boyfriend in "Potential Breakup Song" with a string of curse words.

Following their stint as Aly & AJ, the duo changed the name of their group to 78Violet but went back to their real monikers five years ago. AJ also went on to star on ABC sitcoms The Goldbergs and Schooled while Aly appeared on shows such as Anger Management and MacGyver.