Stassi Schroeder Self-Tans At Home Days Before She's Due To Deliver 'Baby H'

Stassi Schroeder wants a healthy glow in the delivery room.

The former Vanderpump Rules star, who is expecting a baby girl with her husband Beau Clark in early January, uploaded a new series of photos to her Instagram story as she showed off a blotchy self-tanning job she did on the fly.

In a post shared with her 2.2 million followers, Stassi posted a photo of her bare baby bump and a half-tanned hand as she pulled up her burgundy sweatshirt to reveal the results of an at-home tanning session.

"Attempted to self-tan yesterday in case I go into labor. Turned out great!" she joked.

The expectant mom then posted a facepalm pic.

"Realizing I'm gonna leave a self-tanner trail in the hospital bed," she wrote. "And that these splotchy hands are gonna be in all my photos."

Stassi Schroeder poses at an event.
Getty Images | Leon Bennett

Earlier this month, Stassi shared a snap of her 37-week bump and admitted she's "over" being pregnant, but that clearly didn't stop her from attempting to get into glam mode ahead of her delivery.

In recent social media videos, the blond beauty has been in full makeup with her hair done as she awaits the delivery of her "Capricorn baby." While she has shown the less glamorous side of her pregnancy and even poked fun at herself with a pic of her belly hanging out while she stood by the kitchen sink and snacked on a chicken wing, Stassi has also embraced her pregnant body. In November, she posed for a glam maternity photoshoot which included a photo of her draping a sheet over her bare body as she cradled her bump.

In more dressed up photos, Stassi also showed off a sparkly accessory in honor of her child. In her most recent Instagram video, seen here, the expectant mom was seen wearing a silver "H" necklace. Beau wore an identical chain around his neck as he helped his wife make a Yule log dessert.

There has been a lot of speculation on the name of the Clark baby, but her name definitely begins with an H. On Christmas Day, Stassi posted a snap of two sparkly pink and silver heart wall decorations for her daughter's nursery.

"My mom made these adorable wall hangings for Baby H," the former SURver captioned the pic.

She also previously shared a photo of a Coach baby bag that was given to her with the initials HCRC on it.

"Chicest baby bag ever," Stassi wrote. "And yes my baby girl has 4 initials. She's regal AF."

A Reddit thread devoted to speculation on the baby's name had some fans convinced that Stassi and Beau's daughter will be named Harper. One commenter noted that Cenia is also a family name on Beau's side.

"Harper Cenia Rosemary Clark," wrote one fan. "I'm putting money on it."