Reba McEntire Sitcom 'Malibu Country' Can't Keep A Showrunner

Reba McEntire sitcom Malibu Country at ABC has had a tumultuous first season in the showrunner department, losing its second in Nastaran Dibai on Tuesday, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Dibai follows Kevin Abbott, who departed for rehab in November. Abbott created Malibu Country for McEntire, and it isn't yet known if he will be able to rejoin the show for its second season.

The Hollywood Reporter added that no replacements have been announced at this time as it's not even certain the show will return.

(We hear Revenge creator Mike Kelley is available. Wouldn't that be interesting?)

It's probable if the creative department can get lined out that a new season could be on the horizon. Malibu Country brought in seven million viewers and earned a 1.7 rating on Friday nights for ABC, so it hasn't exactly been a ratings disaster.

Furthermore, Reba McEntire has a loyal following in both the country music and television worlds with one of the most successful musical careers of any female artist and a prior TV success in the sitcom Reba, which ran from 2001 to 2007.

McEntire even received a Golden Globe nomination for her work on the show in 2004.

In her new series, she plays a woman, who divorces her cheating husband and moves her family from Nashville to Malibu to focus more on her singing career and keep herself and three kids from being corrupted by their materialistic new world.

The series launched in the fall of 2012 and co-stars Sara Rue, Justin Prentice, Juliette Angelo, and Lily Tomlin.

Rue has managed to appear in all 18 episodes despite giving birth to a baby in February, so at least some people are committed to the sitcom (other than its star, of course).

Here's a little tease if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet:

Do you think Reba McEntire and Malibu Country should return for a second season?