WWE News: Vince McMahon Regrets Not Making Peace With Deceased Hall Of Famer

Vince McMahon poses for the fans

During the latest edition of the Something to Wrestle podcast, by way of WrestlingNews.co, Bruce Prichard revealed that Vince McMahon was upset about not being able to make amends with Andre the Giant prior to the legend’s death in 1993.

As the article pointed out, McMahon got emotional while discussing the enormous wrestler during a documentary for HBO, suggesting that he felt guilty about how their relationship ended. Prichard, who is one of McMahon’s most loyal confidants in WWE, explained why during the podcast conversation.

“Vince took it hard. Vince and Andre were the same age and had birthdays that were fairly close together. Vince considered Andre one of his best friends and really hated the falling out that they had. I think there was a little bit of regret that hadn’t been completely rectified and he didn’t have the opportunity to say goodbye to his friend.”

The article also mentioned that the friendship ended after Andre appeared on a television special for TBS’ 20th anniversary. However, there have been other stories that have chronicled the apparent reasoning behind the fallout.

As Sportskeeda previously documented, Prichard discussed the matter on another episode of his podcast. According to the WWE executive, it stemmed from Andre’s inability to compete at a top level. He eventually left the company and joined NWA, which upset both him and McMahon.

Andre the Giant grabs his opponent in a hold

As The Inquisitr previously wrote, Andre’s decline was brought on by alcohol-related issues. Prior to his passing, he was planning to feud with The Undertaker, as the two big men hadn’t ever faced each other. The Undertaker opened up about the matter in the past, and his recollection can be read in the piece.

The latest Something to Wrestle With episode also revealed that Andre’s death prompted McMahon to introduce the WWE Hall of Fame sooner. He said that the chairman had toyed with the idea before the legend’s death, but his passing ultimately sped up the process. Andre was subsequently inducted as the first-ever entrant.

The company has also honored Andre in recent years with an annual battle royal that takes place at WrestleMania. The fact this happens suggests that McMahon harbors zero ill will for the deceased superstar.

On a lighter note, the episode also delved into Andre’s iconic tag team with Haku. The two superstars were supposedly paired up because they were friends in real life. This personal respect for each other meant that they were keen to work with each other in a professional capacity as well.