Impatient man eats winning $13,600 scratchcard

An unnamed customer on a Ryanair flight from Poland to the UK has reacted to winning 10,000 Euros ($13,616 or £8,765) on a scratchcard by eating his winning card.

What could have inspired such an act? Was this a powerful and emotionally charged statement about the standard of airline food? Sadly, no. Turns out this guy was just pissed off about having to wait to claim his prize, because he wanted to cash in right then.

The impatient passenger was urged by cabin crew and some passengers not to eat the ticket, but stood up and ate it anyway, as a demonstration of … something. The winnings will now go to charity.

A Ryanair spokesman has since said that the airline crew did not have the cash “kicking around the aircraft” (NO WAI), and that the prize had to be collected directly from the scratchcard company. Ryanair went on to confirm that the eccentric passenger ate his ticket on February 26th, which means this guy is taking the most expensive dump of his life right … about … now.

[Via BBC]