Helena Christensen Celebrates Her 52nd Birthday By Rocking Red Swimsuit For Chilly Dip In Copenhagen

Helena has created her own birthday tradition of going for cold swims.

Helena Christensen attends the 2017 Stephan Weiss Apple Awards
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Helena has created her own birthday tradition of going for cold swims.

Helena Christensen showed off her ageless supermodel figure in a vibrant red bathing suit while braving the cold in Copenhagen.

The model celebrated her 52nd birthday on Christmas Day, and she marked the occasion by doing something a bit daring that has become an annual tradition for her. As reported by Too Fab, she visited her home country of Denmark last year, and she jumped into freezing water while she was there. She replicated the stunt this year in the Nyhavn Canal in Copenhagen.

Helena documented her experience on Instagram in a slideshow that included images and a video. In the first photo, she was pictured climbing down a ladder into the canal, which was lined with tall buildings. She was clad in a crimson swimsuit that boasted a low-cut neckline and an even deeper plunge in the back. The entire top edge of the garment was trimmed with ruffles.

Helena’s dark hair had a natural look, and she wore her thick tresses partially pulled up with an orange hair clip. She was photographed sticking her backside out and looking up at the camera while she started to make her way down the ladder. The pic captured her slender thighs and toned arms.

Her next slide was a video that showed her entire journey from the cobblestones and concrete edge of the waterway down to the dark water. She appeared to take a few deep breaths before she reached the bottom, and someone off-camera could be heard reassuring her that she was “fine.”

However, she was visibly cold, and the way she reacted when she got in the canal was an indication of just how chilly it was. Her mouth was open in seeming shock and she gasped loudly multiple times. She treaded water for a bit before dunking her head underneath the surface.

Another photo showed her in the process of stripping off her warm outer layers to reveal her scarlet maillot. The rest of her attire consisted of a large puffer coat and baggy pants. Her final image captured her as she climbed back up with soaking wet hair and glistening skin.

Many of the model’s Instagram followers applauded her bravery, and one fan suggested that her cold plunges may have something to do with her ageless beauty.

“You Danes are made of seriously strong stuff! Happy birthday and Christmas to you Helena,” wrote one commenter.

“Total legend!!” another fan wrote.

“Now I know why you never seem to age, Helena. Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas!” added a third admirer.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Helena also recently enjoyed an icy dip in a river near her home in the Catskill Mountains. It was so chilly that there were icicles hanging from the sides of the rocky riverbank.