Six-Year-Old’s Skirt Deemed Too Short By School Principal [Video]

McDonough, GA – A six-year-old’s skirt has been declared “inappropriate” by her elementary school.

Audrey Hightower, mom of kindergartner Cherish Marshall, was told she’d have to arrange a change of clothes for her daughter after an assistant principal from Tussahaw Elementary School judged the “Hello Kitty” skirt to be too short.

Hightower, whose car was broken down, asked a friend to travel to the school on her behalf. Upon arrival, the friend found young Cherish dressed in someone else’s jeans.

Speaking to Channel 2 Action News, an outraged Hightower said:

“One, you didn’t get my permission to put this child in somebody else’s clothes. Number two, you’re judging her by saying it’s inappropriate what she’s got on. What she had on, I don’t think nothing was wrong with it. That’s why I’m very upset.”

A statement from the school noted that Cherish’s dress was deemed inappropriate because of the way it was being worn. The school added it was becoming a distraction to other kids.

Yet Hightower argues this is not the first time her daughter has worn the outfit to school:

“She already wore that little skirt last week with a top that goes with that, you know. She already wore that before. So, that’s why I’m saying, why was it okay last week for her to wear it, but this week we’ve got a problem?”

What do you think, readers? Is Cherish’s dress (pictured above) really inappropriate, or is this an example of policy being enforced in a heavy-handed way? Sound off in the comments!