Ashley Graham Shares Seven Sassy Outfits That Show Off Her Shape In A New Instagram Video Clip

Ashley Graham modeled seven sassy outfits that showed off her shape in a new Instagram video clip she created for Vogue Magazine. The gorgeous plus-sized stunner shared in the caption that she does not dress for her body type. Rather, she wears what she loves and what she feels beautiful in. The video has had over 1 million views thus far.

She began her clip in a fluffy, white robe that was tied at the waist, with a gold chain around her neck.

In the first outfit, which Ashley called her “never-off-duty model look,” the brunette mother of one wore a green turtleneck top. That was paired with a leather jacket, black slacks, and chic gloves. Her tresses were worn parted in the middle and fashioned into slight waves that framed her face.

This was followed by a quick showcase of ensembles that looked both trendy and comfortable.

The second outfit was a pair of loose-fitting green pants that had side pockets and were fitted at the ankle. Ashley added a flesh-toned top which hung off her shoulders and had the addition of sparkling rhinestones for a dressed-up look.

To follow, Ashley sported an oversized yellow jacket with light-colored, knee-high boots. She added a nude tank underneath the topper.

The model showed off her shape in a black cropped tank with thick straps in the next fashion slide. It was paired with a floor-length skirt that had a gold design trim from the hip to the floor. She added a black purse with gold chain straps and cute shoes in the same color as her outfit.

Her most provocative look of all was a leather ensemble including a low-cut tank top with cutouts at the waist and pants in the same material. She added sky-high platform sandals and a tiny handbag to complete the fashion look.

Ashley chose a lace bustier as the centerpiece of her final look. That was worn with a tan suit jacket, loose pants, and sneakers, along with a huge purse for essentials.

Her followers shared many accolades regarding her style.

“The rest of us wearing sweats/PJs all day every day add different fuzzy socks for some pizazz!” joked one fan.

“GIRL! You would look beautiful even if in a paper bag,” penned a second follower.

“Beautiful!!!!! I would love if you did a vlog with where you buy your clothes and how you get all together!!!” wrote a third Instagram user.

“My inspiration in style and life. Thank you for being you,” chimed in a fourth fan.