Former ‘Glee’ Star Heather Morris Apologizes For Defending Late Co-Star Mark Salling In A Tweet

Heather Morris, a former star of the television series Glee, has apologized for defending her late co-star Mark Salling regarding a tweet that was posted on December 18 that she felt was in poor taste. Her new comment was shared after the actress received backlash for standing up for the actor, who died of an apparent suicide in January 2018 after being convicted of possessing child pornography, per Entertainment Tonight. Heather explained on the social media site that she was sorry to all those who felt “triggered” by tweets regarding her feelings about the actor, which have since been deleted.

“To all those who felt triggered by my message, I want to sincerely apologize for the harm I caused. Whether you, a friend [or] a family member has been a victim of pedophilia, I realize my words may have been insensitive to your experience and for that, I can’t express enough how sorry I am,” Heather wrote in a Twitter post.

Heather previously shared her support for her late co-star after a tweet was posted where Mark’s face was covered by a vomit emoji. The Inquisitr reported that the actress felt the image was in poor taste. The post was meant to honor the 10th anniversary of the episode “A Very Glee Christmas” and featured a selection of cast members from the show’s 2010 season.

The cast of GLEE poses with a large plaque listing all 300 songs they've performed at the "GLEE" 300th musical performance special taping at Paramount Studios on October 26, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

People Magazine reported that Heather responded in a series of tweets that have since been deleted that she did not feel the need to justify her feelings because some things are better left unsaid. She noted she understood those who believed Mark’s actions were unforgivable.

Heather added, reported People, that the holiday season was hard for so many and that the cast did not lose just two cast members, but three. Her remark was in reference to the death of Naya Rivera earlier this year after drowning during a lake outing with her son Josey. Cory Monteith passed in 2013 from a drug overdose.

Heather claimed it was “incredibly tough” to act like the third person in their family died was invisible. She wrote that even though his actions were unjustifiable, Mark was part of their unit. She also believed Mark was mentally sick. Heather closed her statement by thanking those who treated her with “disrespect and unkindness” during a time that she cannot get through a day without being sad at the loss of “her entire Glee family.”