Nude Model Joins Surprised Morning Commuters

A model decided to surprise her fellow commuters by joining their trek to work completely in the nude.

The brunette woman only wore her glasses and shoes for the journey, and, in place of her clothes, she decided to brazenly place words describing the pieces of attire that they would expect to see on her skin.

The woman did this stunt in Dusseldorf, Germany and even managed to avoid blushing when she boarded the train to her work after purchasing a ticket as any normal citizen would do.

Those around her were incredibly shocked though and could be seen gawking in surprise at the female’s actions. This entire ordeal is part of a project by Milo Moire, the Swiss artist.

It is entitled, The Script System, and has been designed to shake up the “ordinary.” Moire remarked that the models’ walk around the vehicle in the nude was supposed to make people think outside the box on their daily commute to work.

Moire wrote on his website, “Radical nudity becomes the defence shield against the stereotypes and makes the artist invisible.” On his website there is a four minute video showing the piece in action.

Describing the art, Moire’s website notes, “With expressive and yet effortless acting randomly concept art, no tied to materials than its own body, Milo represents the moire thinking dictates of everyday life in question. They used bare skin as an ambivalent character of nakedness, for the culturally rooted contempt of denudation, the collective vulnerability and as a symbol of the universal longing for closeness.”

It then concludes, “Leaving to breathtaking vulnerability, suddenly creates a protective, almost private room … even in a tram.”

Milo Moire is a Swiss artist, of Spanish and Slovak descent whose work has primarily been shown in Dusseldorf.

How would you react to seeing a nude model on your morning commute?

[Image via Amy Johansson/Shuttershock]