Andreane Chamberland Straddles A Skateboard While Wearing Cleavage-Baring Bikini

Model Andreane Chamberland wowed her 556,000 Instagram followers with a sexy snap that dropped jaws on Monday afternoon. The Canadian bombshell sported a skimpy bathing suit while posing provocatively for the camera. She received just over 5,400 likes and dozens of comments from her fans in the first several hours after the post was uploaded.

Andreane credited the Montreal-based swimwear brand Cassandre for her bikini, which featured mint green fabric with thick white edging. The combination of the additional detailing with the overall design caused the pieces to slightly resemble an alluring bra-and-panty set.

The top was a single section of fabric -- as opposed to separate cups -- and had a low scooped neckline, which beautifully framed the swell of her bust. Narrow straps sat wide over her shoulders, maximizing the visible amount of bare decolletage. A white band approximately an inch wide comprised the lower portion of the garment, which encircled her rib cage.

Another band around Andreane's waist mirrored the one above. She pulled the bottoms high up on her hips and let them dip down in the center. The cut from the side view indicated that it might have featured a revealing thong backside.

Andreane's smooth, tanned skin and lines of abdominal definition made her figure appear flawless. An enticing crease between her shapely hip bone and the very top of her bare thigh was visible on the left side of her body, which was closest to the camera.

She spread her legs wide apart and perched in the middle of a black skateboard deck. The equipment was black with turquoise wheels and had the brand name Retrospec printed across the top. Her knees, as well as the tiptoes of her white Fila sneakers, rested on the gray brick patio beneath her.

Andreane arched her midsection and threw her shoulders back, letting her arms relax next to her body. She angled her upper body toward the camera and draped her left hand over the outside of her ankle. The other hand rested on her right thigh.

She accessorized with lots of silver jewelry, including an inverted crescent moon pendant on a thin chain around her neck, two charm bracelets, and at least one silver band on all of her fingers and both thumbs. The ring on her right thumb continued the celestial motif. Additionally, Andreane wore two pairs of scrunchies around each wrist that perfectly matched the rest of her attire.