Lauren Burnham & Arie Luyendyk Jr. Reveal Big Pregnancy News: ‘The Bachelor’ Pair Is Expecting Twins

Lauren Burnham and Arie Luyendyk Jr. attend a swimwear launch event
Presley Ann / Getty Images

The Bachelor stars Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauran Burnham Luyendyk revealed huge news on Monday. Over the weekend, they shared that they were expecting another baby. On Monday, they confirmed what a few people previously suspected: they’re having twins!

Lauren teased the exciting development via her Instagram stories on Monday. A new video on the couple’s YouTube channel presented the big reveal.

The clip began with the pair in the car, preparing to head into the doctor’s office for the first ultrasound. Lauren acknowledged that she was feeling very nervous, which was certainly understandable considering the miscarriage she had about seven months ago.

As the ultrasound began it was quickly revealed that she thought there might be two embryos, and Lauren and Arie were completely shocked by that. Apparently, they had been joking about the possibility, and she quickly teasingly asked if this was Arie’s fault.

Lauren covered her face and said she was going to burst into tears. Arie was filming and said he was in disbelief. She admitted she was prepared to hear something bad, and learning she was pregnant with twins was truly a shock.

Arie said they had recently been googling information on twins. He acknowledged that they’d learned it was rare to have twin babies when the parents are young and have no history of it. However, as he noted, he does have a set of twin brothers.

Once they were back in the car, they laughed as they recounted the experience and shock. They both saw the two sacs on the screen just before they were given the news, but they both still had a hard time believing it.

Apparently, the couple had always talked about having three kids. She quipped that her plan was to have a second child and then reevaluate. He noted he was so glad he had been able to be with her when the discovery was revealed.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it’s not unusual for the partner to have to wait outside the doctor’s office. The pair joked that if Lauren had come back out and told Arie they were having two more children at once, without his having been in there, he probably wouldn’t have believed her.

Arie also joked that they’re going to need a bigger house, and Lauren admitted that she’s still feeling nervous. During the ultrasound, it was mentioned that the embryos were measuring a bit off from what Lauren thought they should. However, it was noted that they’d check again soon and that all was probably fine.

Lauren admitted she was freaked out and nervous, and Arie urged her to be happy. She cried as her husband said it was good and fine, and he joked he’d start googling as soon as he got home.

Luckily, both The Bachelor stars were giggling by the time they drove home. Once they were back in their house, they were able to share the exciting results with his parents, who were there watching Arie and Lauren’s daughter Alessi.

She’s now about 12 weeks along and that means they’re finally ready to start sharing all of this news with The Bachelor fans. There are a lot of updates to come, and Arie and Lauren’s supporters can’t wait to follow along.