December 19, 2020
Bindi Irwin's Fans Think Steve Irwin's Spirit Was Present In Her Newest Photo With Husband Chandler Powell

Bindi Irwin shared an Instagram photo as she cuddled her husband of less than one year, Chandler Powell. The couple posed outdoors as the sun was setting over the vista of the Australia Zoo. Bindi and Chandler, who live and work on the property, posted the pic with a caption that alluded to the sun, but all fans could focus on was what they believed was the spirit of her father, the late Steve Irwin, in the photo.

The couple stood in an outdoor area of their home on the property of the zoo. The wildlife conservation area was made famous worldwide through the work of Bindi's father, Steve Irwin, who educated children and adults alike on television about animals and how to take care of endangered creatures for years until his untimely death in September of 2006.

Chandler looked directly at the camera as he hugged his wife close in the Instagram upload seen below, and he remarked in the comments that he loved group hugs with his wife and their baby girl.

The vista behind the twosome was breathtaking. Their outdoor area lay high above the treeline of the property, which is filled with lush greenery that goes on for acres. A spectacular sunset lay just atop the tips of the trees and sent its rays directly to where the couple snuggled close to one another.

Bindi's eyes were closed as she relished the special moment in her husband's arms. The joy in her face was evident in the feeling of being held close in her husband's embrace. Between the duo was what appeared to be a small, yellow orb that was present on Bindi's upper body.

Bindi's social media followers were stunned by what they believed was the presence of her late father in the photograph.

"Your dad is right with you, the orb between you guys it's right there," claimed one fan who focused on the bright dot in the snap that was just above Bindi's heart.

"I can't help but think Bindi, that your Dad is also in this picture. The yellow orb caught my eye right away and made me think of Steve," wrote a second follower.

"Beautiful photo of you both. Your dad is with you in this pic Bindi, amazing," penned a third Instagram user.

The duo, who married in March of this year during the beginning days of the coronavirus pandemic, revealed they had conceived a child via an announcement in August in which they held a tiny Australia Zoo uniform. seen here. In the caption of the pic, they said that their "Baby Wildlife Warrior" would be due in 2021. One month later, Bindi and Chandler shared that they would be having a daughter in a touching post seen here.