Miranda Lambert Flaunts Her Shiny Legs In A Sexy Fringed Dress & Gold Booties For Photoshoot With Her Husband

Just in time for the holidays, Miranda Lambert shared three of her favorite things, and she did so in a photo format that allowed her to flaunt her amazing legs.

In a post shared on the official Instagram page of her Idyllwind clothing brand, Miranda made a barn with hay strewn everywhere look sexy. She had a little help from her husband, who was included on her short list of loves. Brandon McLoughlin has started appearing with his wife in more of her fashion posts, much to the delight of Ran Fans who can't seem to get enough of the former NYPD officer. However, for this particular photoshoot, he did his part to keep the spotlight on his spouse by keeping his look casual and keeping his shirt on. He rocked a basic white T-shirt, a pair of snug-fitting blue jeans, and tan cowboy boots.

Brandon was standing beside another of Miranda's favorite things: one of her beloved Gypsy Vanners. The majestic horses also make occasional appearances in her modeling shots. The photogenic steed that was pictured getting a forehead scratch from Brandon was inside a stall. The horse was white with black spots, and it had a wavy silver forelock.

Miranda's third favorite thing was on her feet. She wore a pair of gold Idyllwind booties designed to look like cowboy boots with shorter shafts. her legs were almost as shiny as the metallic footwear. The "Bluebird" hitmaker's long limbs were tan and toned, and they also looked oiled up.

Miranda showed off her stems by rocking a short, slip-like dress that had a touch of Western flair. The piece was crafted out of dark fabric with a satiny sheen and a subtle ditsy floral print. It had slinky spaghetti straps, and the hem was trimmed with long black fringe that drew even more attention to her perfect pins.

Miranda wore her blond hair down in loose, natural-looking waves. She posed on a chair crafted out of knobby tree branches and wicker. Her seat had a rustic look befitting its setting, and she seemed right at home in it as well. She casually draped one arm over the back of the chair and stretched her body out. She posed with one hip on the seat so that she could turn her body towards the camera. A dazzling smile lit up her flawless face as her pic was taken.

"I think happiness made you younger," wrote one fan in the comments section of the IG post.

"Wow... your legs look amazing," another admirer remarked.

"This photo is everything!!! Looks like a romance novel cover!" read a third message.