Want To Watch Amanda Bynes Stare At Herself In A Mirror For 11 Seconds? [Video]

Former actress Amanda Bynes has released another video.

Though the new video isn’t quite as … unique … as the last one, it still is pretty … unique (we have to play softball, because so far as we know, that “I’ll sue anyone who talks crap about me” ultimatum is still legit).

Two weeks ago, Bynes posted a video of herself, I don’t know, winking a lot? The clip was called “strange” and “unsettling” by other publications, was titled “I’m Sucking On A Sour Patch Kid Listening To Music Getting Ready For Tonight :D” and was set against the eurodance beats of DJ Encore and Engelina.

In the new video, Bynes is again staring at herself in the bathroom mirror to some kind of dance pop theme, but she’s not making strange faces. She’s just checking herself out, it seems.

The video is captioned with a simple: “Chilling – what are you doing?”

Later, Bynes retweeted the same video, but with no sound. The instructions simply read: “Watch my video on #twitvid.”

Everybody thinks Amanda Bynes is crazy, even if they won’t just come out and say it. But that seems a bit too easy to me. It might be giving her too much credit to label her a brilliant post-modern performance artist whose new life is a purposeful examination and critique of the 24/7 celebrity news cycle, but it might not be all that far off.

There really isn’t any foundation for a “psychotic breakdown.” No one can figure it out. She keeps interacting with the media, even if it’s to wave a middle finger at them and tell them to leave her alone, but then she turns around and says we should use current pictures of her which she uploads to her social accounts constantly.

On that that point, please take better pictures, Amanda.

Here’s Amanda Bynes’ new video: