Anfisa Nava Flaunts Cleavage In Ebony Zip-Up Sports Bra & Leggings: ‘Happy Friday’

Anfisa Nava wished her Instagram followers a happy Friday while delighting them with a sexy shot of herself showcasing her curves in a workout outfit.

The former 90 Day Fiance star posed on a hill filled with green grass with several buildings and trees in the background against a clear blue sky. She stood with one hand on her waist and her hips popped out. She had her other knee bent and her toe pointed, emphasizing her curves and showcasing her toned arms and shoulders.

Anfisa wore a black sports bra from Bombshell Sportswear with a scoop neck design with a zipper in the center and a small gap between it and the band around her ribcage. She left the top unzipped, revealing a generous glimpse of her cleavage. She paired it with matching high-waisted seven-eighths-length leggings that emphasized her slender waist and flat tummy. She completed the outfit with a pair of tennis shoes with a yellow-and-black print.

The model wore her brunette hair in two low pigtails that fastened with hair ties right above her ears. Her hairstyle featured a side part, and the lengths spilled over her shoulders, framing her breasts and ending near her waist. Anfisa’s fingernails featured a long, light-colored manicure, and she smiled with her full lips closed as she gazed at the camera.

In her caption, Anfisa credited Joe Mikoli with the photography. She invited her followers to ask her any fitness-related questions they may have. At least 10,200 Instagram users hit the “like” button, and more than 180 also took the time to leave an uplifting reply and offer some praise.

“This whole picture is everything, omg. You are a true blessing and so unbelievably gorgeous,” one fan enthused, adding a sparkle emoji.

“I started working out little by little, and I don’t know where to start as in food and some exercises. You really became my motivation, so thank you,” a second follower gushed, with a barbell and purple heart.

“I really don’t have a fitness question, but I just wanted to say you’re awesome!! You look absolutely stunning in this. I love following you and seeing all your workouts,” a third fan declared, including several heart-eye emoji to complete the reply.

“You looking perfect! How much time in the day are you working on your body?” a fourth devotee wondered, along with a flame emoji.

Anfisa replied that she typically works out about 90 minutes each day.