Camila Bernal Shows Off Stunning Thickness & Ample Assets In Metallic Party Dress

Colombian model and Instagram influencer Camila Bernal poses for a mirrored selfie while sporting skintight attire.
Camila Bernal / Instagram

Colombian model and Instagram influencer Camila Bernal has ramped up the output of sexy snapshots on her popular feed as of late. On Friday morning, the Bogota-born beauty continued the trend by posting another provocative picture that put her buxom curves on full display for her 1.4 million followers.

In the uploaded snap, the 23-year-old flaunted her stunning thickness and ample assets in a scintillating, metallic party dress that clung tightly to her bodacious body. She also did her part to slow the spread of coronavirus by rocking a bedazzled facemask befitting of her sensuous style.

Bernal captioned the share — which was snapped in Dubai per its geotag — by writing that she wasn’t able to talk at the time because she was doing “hot girl” stuff, although her verbiage was slightly more colorful.

Fans were quickly transfixed by the provocative post, double-tapping it to the tune of almost 4,000 likes in less than 30 minutes. They weren’t shy about sharing their feelings for the photo either, taking to the comments section in multitudes to shout out the striking nature of her shapely visage.

“Slaying it all day every day,” opined one smitten supporter. “So unbelievably gorgeous.”

“The baddest,” declared a second commenter, who emphasized their opinion with a slew of fire emoji.

“Heart eyes for you,” added another admirer.

Bernal was captured in a medium-wide shot as she stood beside an impressive orange sports car. Despite the presence of the expensive machine behind her, the social media star owned the frame in her skintight dress.

The garment was champagne pink, and it gave off an eye-catching luster along her thighs, hips and bustline as it caught the light. Although it billowed slightly along the neckline, its strength was tested by her sizable bosom, jutting hips and girthy thighs.

On the whole, her hourglass figure was well-evidenced in the shot, as was her seemingly flawless, olive-hued skin, which greatly contrasted with the tones of her dress, the car and her city-street surroundings.

Although her face was partially covered, Bernal’s dark eyes could be seen clearly as she focused her gaze away from the camera’s lens. Meanwhile, her lengthy, golden-brown locks framed her face as they extended beyond her shoulders and down her back.

Bernal completed the look with a bevy of accessories. In addition to the aforementioned mask, she sported a thin, silvery necklace, a hoop earring, a shiny wristwatch and a palladium-hued mini purse.

As shared previously by The Inquisitr, Bernal brought the sizzle earlier this week with a photo update in which she posed with her legs spread while wearing a plunging top and booty shorts.