Kate Beckinsale Calls On Rapper Vanilla Ice To Fix 2020

Lucille Barilla

Kate Beckinsale called on rapper Vanilla Ice to fix 2020 after citing some of the most memorable lyrics from his best-known hit in a new Instagram share. In the post seen below, the gorgeous actress shared a message that was written in white font on a black background, regarding her feelings for this year. She referenced lyrics of the song "Ice, Ice, Baby," released by the rapper in 1989.

Vanilla Ice was addressed directly in the statement. In the image Kate shared, she reminded him that -- per his rap hit -- he said he'd fix a problem. She then added that it was time for him to make good on his words.

"Sincerely, All 80's Kids surviving 2020," read the signature line.

In the caption of the graphic, Kate addressed Vanilla Ice by his real name -- Robert Matthew Van Winkle -- in her request for him to fix the mess that 2020 had become.

Fans loved the share and added their own feelings regarding the post in the comments section.

"He's too busy waxing chumps like candles I think," wrote one person, citing another lyric from the iconic song.

"He will when people stop, collaborate and listen," joked a second follower.

The hilarious post was a way for the actress to continue to reach out to her 4.5 million social media followers in a lighthearted manner.

This share came one day after the Widow star posted a video of herself walking around her kitchen, as seen here. She wore a shirt that had multiple expletives printed on it. Kate cleaned up in front of the camera and walked back and forth from her sink to the countertop, all while balancing her beloved cat atop her shoulder. The gorgeous white feline had on a holiday sweater.

In keeping with her attempt to spread some holiday cheer, Kate sat with her cat Clive, and the two wore matching Santa outfits. They posed in front of an oversized print of a woman dressed as Dorothy from the film The Wizard of Oz. The woman in the photo drank a beer and rested her crossed legs on a table, as seen on Instagram here.

She has also entertained her followers with videos of Clive dressed in his holiday best, including a sweater and a hat with a pom-pom and a piece of glittering mistletoe hanging off it. You can see that social media upload here.