Katharine McPhee Foster Reveals Gender Of Baby & Bump In Colorful Coats

Lucille Barilla

Katharine McPhee Foster, 36, showed off her baby bump and teased fans with the gender of her baby in a colorful coat for a slideshow of two images. The stunning singer and actress looked lovely in the luxurious topper in the home she shares with her husband, famous composer David Foster. The couple will welcome their first child in 2021. David, 71, has four daughters, Erin, Sara, Jordan, and Allison, and stepdaughter Tamre Winger.

In the snapshot, Katharine stood in a dining area in the couple's home. She wore a stunning blue coat that was slightly off her shoulders. Her legs were exposed. She wore white sneakers on her feet. Katharine cradled her bump as she looked at a mirror in the selfie photograph. Her eyes were cast downward. Katharine's brown hair was parted in the middle and fashioned into loose waves that framed her face. The hand that held her phone displayed several rings and a light-colored manicure. Fans assumed she is having a baby boy.

Just one day earlier in a post seen here, Katharine posted a photo where she wore a pink coat, which led her followers to believe she was having a girl.

Behind her was a large, square table with rounded edges. Surrounding the table were eight low-backed chairs with tan cushions and silver legs and arms. Atop the clear glass was a central circular piece made of wood, and on that, a clear glass vase that held white flowers. An oblong golden light fixture was suspended above the table. The light wood floor led up to a wall of glass, which displayed a fantastic view of the outdoors.

To the right of the former American Idol, the competitor was a luxurious sitting area with gray sofas and multi-leveled accent tables with gold legs. Recessed lighting was seen in the ceiling.

In the second snap, Katharine raised her eyes to meet with the mirror and looked directly at the camera. She held the same pose as the first photograph in the sequence.

Several of Katharine's celebrity pals added their sentiments regarding this joyous time in their friend's life. These included Will & Grace star Debra Messing, designer Rachel Zoe, actress Lacey Chabert, and her husband David, who called her "my most AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL GLOWING wife!"

Other fans sent their well-wishes also.

"Yea, you guys are going to be the best parents," wrote one fan.

"Congratulations to you both, this is the best news, a boy!" penned a second follower.

"Twins? Are you having twins? What is going on?" said a third Instagram user.