Paul McCartney & Rick Rubin Team Up For Docuseries Focusing On Legendary Star’s Musical Journey

Sir Paul McCartney performs live on stage at The O2 Arena on May 23, 2015 in London, England.
Jim Dyson / Gety Images

Paul McCartney will team up with producer Rick Rubin for a docuseries that will focus on his musical journey. Deadline reported that the six-part documentary will showcase Paul’s behind-the-scenes journey from his early days in The Beatles through to today. This news comes in time with the release of McCartney III on December 18.

In a black-and-white trailer for the project seen on Instagram below, Paul and Rick were in the legendary Abbey Road Studios in England where The Beatles recorded all of their albums, as they listened to tracks.

One of the tunes prominently featured in the clip was “Come Together” from the album Abbey Road.

“It feels almost like the bass is doing what an orchestra would do,” Rick said of Paul’s work as a bassist.

“You can actually control the band with a bass,” Paul added.

He admitted to Rick that he once believed everyone had loving families and was nice to one another, and later on, found out that was not true. It was not clear what he was referring to when he made that statement, but a video that played as Paul spoke featured him and his late wife Linda on horseback and him with his children.

A second tune was played, “Michelle” from Rubber Soul, while footage of the celebrated rock and roll band ran along with it.

“I realized we were writing songs that were memorable. Not because we wanted them to be memorable but because we had to remember them,” Paul quipped to Rick in a sit-down featured in the video clip.

The final song heard was Wings’ “Live and Let Die” from the album Red Rose Speedway. As that track played, videos of Paul playing the drums, bass, and singing were shown.

The trailer finished with the words “a documentary series event… coming soon” added as an overlay above the video.

Deadline reported that the documentary will mark “the first time ever that the [Beatles] original masters have left Abbey Road.”

Paul’s official website announced that fans should keep their eyes peeled in 2021 for more information.

Fans of the legendary rock and roller could not contain their excitement.

“I’m gonna cry, this is so beautifully unexpected,” wrote one devotee.

“He seems so relaxed and happy in this, which is really nice to see. I love you so much,” remarked a second Instagram user.

“This is going to bring me so much happiness,” added a third fan.