Lyna Perez Bounces Around In A Red Bra And Shakes Her Derrière To Celebrate Social Media Milestone

Lyna put on a show for her TikTok followers.

Lyna Perez poses for a selfie.
Lyna Perez / Instagram

Lyna put on a show for her TikTok followers.

Lyna Perez was in a celebratory mood in a new video, and she demonstrated her joy by doing a lot of bouncing and jiggling.

The curvy model has a massive social media following across multiple different platforms, and she revealed that she just hit a big milestone on TikTok. In the caption of her latest upload to the app, she thanked her many admirers for helping her gain 4 million followers.

Lyna’s video gave her online audience a dose of the flirty dancing that has helped her continue to increase her following. The soundtrack she chose for her energetic performance was the frenetic 2002 hip hop song “Say I Yi Yi” by rap duo the Ying Yang Twins.

Lyna’s living room served as her stage. She rocked a festive look that was appropriate for the holiday season. She squeezed her colossal upper curves into a red bra with a deep neckline that showed off a significant amount of her chest. The stretchy garment was layered underneath a black cropped hoodie with a zipper front. She left the sporty coat unzipped, thus her bouncy bust was fully on display as she playfully wiggled and hopped around.

Lyna teamed her top and outerwear with a pair of red flannel pajama pants that featured a plaid pattern and a wide elastic waistband. She added some bling to her look by rocking a pair of chunky gold hoop earrings. The jewelry was left uncovered by her long brunette hair, which was arranged in a partial updo.

The smiling model kicked off her feisty dance routine by gripping the front of her bottoms and moving her hands up and down while she moved her hips back and forth. She then positioned her hands on the sides of her face with her palms facing outward. She alternated hands while giving the camera a series of little waves. Her next move was a dramatic hair flip, followed by some more hip shimmying.


Lyna concluded her dance on an extra spicy note by turning around so that her round derrière was angled toward the camera — and rather close to it. She then leaned forward and shook her derrière.

Lyna’s performance proved to be popular, amassing over 300,000 likes and 2,500 comments.

“You deserve all the compliments and success. You are a beacon of joy and bring happiness to many people. It’s good to see,” wrote one viewer.

“How do they never pop out,” asked another fan.

“She is the hottest girl on this app,” declared a third admirer.

Over on Instagram, Lyna recently thrilled her devotees by posing braless in an open robe. She boasts a following of 5.8 million fans on that platform.