Mariana Morais Flaunts Her Derrière In Revealing Thong With See-Through Sides For Waterfall Photoshoot

Mariana Morais rocked a bikini that left very little to the imagination during her Costa Rica vacation.

The influencer stunned her 890,000 Instagram followers by flaunting her killer curves and taut tummy in a lavender two-piece for a photoshoot in front of a waterfall. Her bathing suit top had micro triangle cups that failed to completely cover the bottom of her ample bust. When she raised her arms above her head for one photo, she flashed an eyeful of underboob.

Clear straps kept the cups securely pressed against her chest. Similar see-through plastic bands formed the sides of her bottoms. The piece also featured a ruched front that was slung down low on Mariana's torso and a thong back that showcased her pert derrière.

The model sported unusual footwear with her swimsuit: a pair of classic white Converse Chuck Taylor All Star high tops. She got her sneakers soaking wet while standing in a shallow section of a river with a rock bottom. While only her feet were submerged, her highlighted blond hair was also drenched as if she'd been swimming in deeper water. Her tresses were slightly matted near the top of her head, and the long ends trailed down her back in snaky pieces.

The scenic backdrop of Mariana's photo op was a magnificent waterfall that cascaded over rocks covered with green moss. Her surroundings also included verdant tropical foliage and misty spray created by the falling water.

Her slideshow contained half a dozen pics. In the first, she stood in profile. This put a daring helping of sideboob on display. She also emphasized the round shape of her peachy posterior by bending her left knee and stretching her right leg out behind her. She bent both elbows and kept her forearms parallel with the ground. Her chin was tilted up, and she had a blissful smile on her face.

In her next photo, Mariana lifted her arms high up in the air to lengthen her lithe body. This accentuated the slimness of her waist. She also crossed her legs and pointed one toe, which emphasized the swells of her hips and the toned condition of her calves.

Her third shot provided a rear view of her backside, and the subsequent snap saw her looking radiant and joyful while she posed on her toes and made a V shape with her upraised arms. Her final pair of pics offered additional closer looks at her booty.

The full set of sexy snaps racked up over 81,000 likes and 400 comments.

"Wow!! Gorgeous view," read one message.

"I'm glad you exist," another thankful fan wrote.

"The surroundings are beautiful but you just made it even better," commented a third admirer.