Khloe Terae Poses Nude With Her Legs Spread And Remarks On The View

Shawna Cory

Khloe Terae stunned her 2.5 million Instagram followers with her latest share on Wednesday evening, which featured the gorgeous fitness model completely nude and posing provocatively at the edge of a swimming pool.

Over 7,600 fans double-tapped the screen in the first several hours after the sultry post was uploaded.

Khloe was vertically centered in front of a vast background that was nothing short of stunning. According to her geotag, she was at Saint Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and she appeared to be sunning herself at a luxurious resort complete with a huge, rectangular infinity pool overlooking an empty bay.

Khloe's pose showcased her amazing hourglass shape and the roundness of her derriere. The flexible blonde sat at the far end of the swimming area with the water stretching out in front of her. Her legs were spread wide apart, and she bent her knees slightly, resting an elbow on the top of each of her thighs. The height of her knees in relation to her lower legs indicated she may have been perched on a top step with her feet placed on the next level down.

Her wavy blond tresses spilled halfway down her back, and a smattering of vivid pink and blue flowers was interwoven throughout.

"Awesome picture.... can only imagine.." one fan mused.

"Probably better from the other," a second person joked.

"The view's stunning from right here," a third follower reassured.

"It does but it would be better if I could see the bottom," a fourth fan remarked, seemingly one of many to voice the same sentiment about the NSFW crop of the photo.

In terms of the prolific use of emoji to express one's feelings, the flame symbol was, by far, the most popular in this case.

Last month, The Inquisitr covered a post in which Khloe was in the process of receiving a pampering spa treatment in Tulum, Mexico. She was sprawled on her belly on a massage table with only a towel covering her backside and a line a quartz crystals running up her spine.

One of the four snaps was a selfie, and she displayed the enticing curves of her bare breasts as she raised her head up to steady the camera.