Principal Accused Of Fracturing Student’s Tailbone With Paddle

A Dayton, Texas, principal is accused of fracturing a student’s tailbone with a paddle. Dalton Day, age 12, ended up with a dislocated tailbone, bruising, and bleeding as a result of corporal punishment at Nottingham Middle School.

Dalton’s mother Lisa received a call from school officials last Friday, stating that her son had misbehaved. She gave the principal her permission to paddle her son for his involvement in an altercation with another student.

As reported by Click 2 Houston, the principal reportedly used a wooden paddle wrapped in electrical tape. Dalton estimates the paddle to be approximately 18 inches long and one inch thick.

Lisa admits that this is not the first time she has given the principal permission to paddle her son. However, this time she accuses the principal of fracturing her son’s tailbone as he hit him excessively hard.

Dalton’s mom was horrified when her son returned home with blood and bruising on his bottom.

As reported by ABC News, Dalton’s parents took him to the emergency room. X-rays revealed that Dalton’s tailbone was fractured and dislocated. Although corporal punishment is quite common in some communities, it is not expected to cause bruising and broken bones.

Dalton’s parents have filed a complaint with the Harris County Precinct 3 Constable’s Office, which is in charge of security for the school. Additionally, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has been notified and will investigate the allegations.

A representative of the Dayton Independent School District has confirmed that the schools do allow paddling as corporal punishment, but only with the permission of a parent. Additionally, they issued a statement concerning the allegations:

“Dayton ISD is doing an investigation into a parent’s report about their 6th grade student receiving corporal punishment at school. They allege that the pops were excessive in nature and that their child was injured. As soon as the investigation is complete, more information will be available.”

Dalton’s parents are asking the school system to review their policies concerning corporal punishment.

The principal, accused of fracturing the student’s tailbone with a paddle, is not currently under any suspension or restriction. No criminal charges have been filed.