WWE Rumors: Writers Reportedly Made List Of ‘Underutilized’ Superstars Who Should Get Bigger Pushes

A photo of the WWE logo.

According to a recent report, WWE has asked its creative team to name the wrestlers they believe aren’t getting much exposure, with the intent to give some of these superstars an improved push going forward.

On Tuesday, the WrestleVotes account tweeted that certain WWE writers were recently asked to create a list of “underutilized” talents that could “shine” in the ring if they get pushed. While the writers reportedly named a wide variety of performers, most of them were in agreement that five people — Monday Night Raw‘s Angel Garza and Peyton Royce and Friday Night SmackDown‘s Cesaro, Chad Gable, and Carmella — need more exposure.

Among those wrestlers, it appears that Carmella has the most prominent role on television at the moment. After a long hiatus, the inaugural Ms. Money in the Bank reinvented her character, transforming from a comedic babyface to an arrogant heel, and is currently in a feud for the SmackDown Women’s Championship currently held by Sasha Banks, as noted by Bleacher Report.

Meanwhile, Garza and Gable have gotten some interesting character developments as of late. Following last week’s vignette that showed him handing a red rose to a mystery woman, rumors swirled that Garza may soon be accompanied by the supposedly returning Eva Marie. Prior to that, Gable announced on an episode of SmackDown that he was done with being called “Shorty G,” effectively putting an end to a gimmick that solely focused on his lack of height.

Cesaro performs the Giant Swing on Daniel Bryan on an episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

As for Cesaro, Daily DDT noted that it’s likely that WWE’s creative team has frequently included him in such lists for years, considering his veteran status and lack of success in singles competition. Royce, on the other hand, was described as someone who “makes sense” as part of the new list, given how she was placed in a tag team with Lacey Evans so soon after she was supposed to get a singles push following the disbandment of The Iiconics.

Commenting on the merits of each of the listed wrestlers getting pushed in the coming weeks and months, Daily DDT opined that Garza is the “one who needs a boost the most,” as he has shown on both NXT and Raw that he has the in-ring talent to become a bigger star in the future. Conversely, the outlet wrote that Carmella might not belong on the list due to her title feud against Banks and her status as a former women’s champion who can no longer be considered as “underused.”