Martha Stewart, 79, Looks Half Her Age As She Goes Glam In Red Flannel

Victoria Miller

Martha Stewart looked stunning in a new photo shared on Instagram – and she was just hanging out in her kitchen.

The 79-year-old lifestyle guru thrilled her social media followers with her latest glam shot after her longtime makeup artist Nicole Daisy Toye gave her a gorgeous makeover ahead of two video appearances.

Martha's new haircut was styled perfectly as she showed off a neutral, yet glamorous look that made her look half her age. The Entertaining author rocked a red Madewell flannel shirt that was perfect for the Christmas season as she posed in her favorite room in her house. In the caption, she noted that her glam squad gets better each time.

The new post quickly racked up thousands of likes and comments from her 1.1 million followers. Many fans told Martha she is a "stunner" and that she continues to "slay" with the youthful style created by her talented makeup guru.

"Daisy IS a keeper!" one fan wrote.

"You look so darn beautiful. Better than 20 years ago! How do you do it??" a second person asked the star.

"Hi I'm Martha Stewart and I defy the laws of aging and gravity," another follower chimed in.

Another fan jokingly compared Martha to a glamorous version of the mascot from the Brawny paper towel ads, thanks to her red flannel. However, a few naysayers questioned if there were filters used on the photo, with one saying that no makeup artist can take away that "much" with just a brush.

Martha's new post comes one day after she shared a video of her on a horseback trail ride with a group of friends in North Salem. In comments to the post -- which can be seen here -- it was not lost on fans how Martha is eyeing her 80th birthday yet seems nowhere near the age of an octogenarian.

"Do you people realize that this GORGEOUS woman is turning 80 in a few months?" one follower wrote. "She shames some women in their 40s. Including me. Love you Martha Stewart!"