December 15, 2020
Kyle Richards Poses With Her Sister Kathy Hilton As They Update Fans On Their Health After COVID-19 Diagnosis

Kyle Richards and her sister Kathy Hilton have updated fans following their health battles with COVID-19.

In a new Instagram post, the 51-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared an update with her social media followers to reveal that both she and her sister have recovered from the virus.

Kyle shared a photo of her sister giving her a kiss on the cheek. In the caption, she wrote that both she and Kathy are "feeling good" after their bout with the virus. The mom-of-four added that she can't wait to say goodbye to what has been a horrible year for so many people.

Kathy, 61, shared the same photo in an Instagram post, which can be seen here.

"Love my baby sister," she wrote. "Happy to report my sister [Kyle Richards] and I are feeling good after recovering from COVID."

In the comments section of Kyle's post, fans reacted to the famous siblings' health updates.

"You don't know how happy I am to see this picture. We were thinking about you," one fan wrote.

"Wow so happy you all are doing better! Please stay safe and wear a mask daily and continue to heal," another added.

"Glad you're feeling better...this time, stay close to home and not out and about so much," a third commenter warned.

Others questioned why everyone is saying they can't wait for 2021 to get here, as if the changeover to the new year will "magically" make the virus go away.

"Genuine question, 2021 is only two weeks away," one commenter noted. "What do we think is going to change or happen within that time to make 2021 better. I guess we just have to hope."

Several other followers wanted to know if Kyle knows how she caught COVID-19 and if she was asymptomatic.

Fans know that Bravo recently shut down production on the 11th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after several crew members tested positive for COVID-19. It was shortly after that fans found out that Kyle and Kathy, who is a new cast member on the reality show, tested positive for the virus, as did Kyle's 20-year-old daughter, Sophia Umansky.

In addition to Kyle and Kathy, fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dori Kemsley recently recovered from the coronavirus. Dorit told her fans that her health crisis was a "dark" time for her family as she was forced to quarantine away from her young children.