WWE Rumors: ‘Raw’ Superstar Is Getting Buried Because He ‘Thinks Too Highly Of Himself,’ Per Vince Russo

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In a recent podcast appearance, wrestling industry veteran Vince Russo sounded off on Keith Lee’s current situation, where he and other larger WWE superstars have been sent to the Performance Center to refine their in-ring skills. As Russo suggested, this recent move, as well as Lee’s recent losses on Monday Night Raw, are signs that the company is teaching him a lesson in humility.

As quoted by Ringside News on Tuesday, Russo appeared on the latest edition of the Legion of Raw podcast, where he reacted to Lee’s most recent defeat — a loss in a handicap match against The Miz and John Morrison on the December 14 episode of the red brand’s show. According to the former WWE writer, it’s possible the promotion is seemingly burying him because he “thinks too highly of himself.”

“Here’s the fascinating thing to me. Okay? We read earlier in the week that Keith Lee was sent back to NXT for training during the week. So when I’m seeing Keith Lee get beat here, this is them taking Keith Lee down a few pegs.”

Keith Lee is double-teamed by John Morrison and The Miz on the December 14, 2020, episode of Monday Night Raw.

Russo’s comments came just days after rumors suggested that WWE chairman Vince McMahon wasn’t as sold on Lee as reports hinted he was shortly after the 330-pounder’s call-up from NXT this summer. Over the weekend, Ringside News cited internal sources who claimed McMahon doesn’t see why the man they call “Limitless” should be pushed as an up-and-coming star, given how he mainly relies on his gut feel and on feedback from Bruce Prichard, Kevin Dunn, and other trusted executives. It was also noted that these people were the same ones who told the WWE boss that Lee needs to further hone his skills.

The other wrestlers who were asked to train at the Performance Center due to McMahon’s alleged dissatisfaction with their in-ring work include AJ Styles’ bodyguard Omos, RETRIBUTION member Mace, former Money in the Bank contract holder Otis, and onetime “Raw Underground” mainstay Dabba-Kato.

Despite Russo’s suggestion that Lee is being buried because of his attitude, another recent rumor claimed that he and the other big men mentioned above are not being demoted in any way, shape, or form. On Sunday, Wrestling Inc. quoted Dave Meltzer, who said on Wrestling Observer Radio that McMahon sent the aforementioned superstars to the PC because he wants to prepare them for bigger pushes in the future. He added that it’s possible the chairman included Lee in this group because he doesn’t fit the mold of a traditional WWE big man at this point in his stint with the promotion.