Pamela Anderson Straddles Bench While Wearing A Sexy Mini Dress

Kim Smith

Pamela Anderson heated up Instagram with a pair of sizzling snapshots that featured her looking smoking-hot while straddling a bench in a sexy mini dress.

As it is with many of Pamela's update, the images were presented in a monochrome format, with one of the snaps edited with a pink filter.

With the monochrome nature of the photos, it was impossible to know what color Pamela's dress was. However, it seemed to be a light color. The number had a wide, vertical design down the front. It also had a plunging neckline, and the hemline cut off at the middle of her thighs.

The Baywatch actress wore her layered blond locks in curls.

Pamela was inside for the photo shoot. She was in a small area with a window on one side and a door behind her. A framed mirror leaned against the wall on one side of the window. A tall potted plant with large leaves was situated on the other side of the window. A bushy scrub filled another corner in the room. A wooden bench was also in the middle of the area. A small potted plant sat on one end of the seat and a textured throw covered the other end.

Pamela was sitting on the floor next to the bench in the second picture. With her knees bent, she leaned on one hip while resting one of her upper arms on the furniture. With her head tilted back and eyes closed, she placed her fingers in the leaves of the plant. The stance put her long legs on display. It also highlighted her thin waist and shapely shoulders. The ends of her hair fell near the arch of her back, drawing the eye to her hips. The reflection of her backside could also be seen in the mirror.

Last month, Pamela shared a series of color images that saw her looking sexier than ever while posing in her bathroom door. She lowered her pants while flashing her bare abs while wearing a crop top.