Gabrielle Union Twins With Stepdaughter Zaya Wade In Adorable Set Of Snaps

Gabrielle Union shared an adorable quartet of snapshots via her Instagram page on Sunday that sent her 16.9 million followers into a frenzy. She posed for a set of sweet photos with her stepdaughter Zaya Wade and this prompted a huge response from fans.

About a week ago, Gabrielle shared some fantastic photos that showed her twinning with her toddler daughter Kaavia James. She noted that she had not anticipated that she would be the kind of mom who liked wearing matching outfits with her kids. However, now that she's tried it, some might say she seemingly can't stop.

The Sunday photos showed Gabrielle wearing a sweater that matched Zara's. They were from Burberry and consisted of a diagonal plaid pattern with black along the neckline and at the cuffs.

In addition to the black, the sweaters had brown and gray blocks with white lines. The garments were dotted with the company's monogram logo in bold shades of red and yellow, along with light blue, cream, white, and deep green.

In her caption, Gabrielle signaled that she loved Zaya always and forever. She included a hashtag teasing that twinning was winning as well.

In the first photo, Gabrielle stood just behind and slightly to the side of Zaya. She wrapped her arms around the teen's shoulder. They both smiled and leaned their heads into one another as they looked at the camera.

Zaya is often seen wearing glasses, but she went without for these snaps. She was sporting a shade of blue in her hair, and she appeared happy and content in the series of shots.

The second shot seemed a slightly sillier candid of sorts, and then the two tried a formal, serious pose. The final snapshot showed the gals sitting on the ground, cross-legged, and facing one another. They held hands and smiled as they looked at each other.

"She has always been your baby from the beginning. I love you all's bond," one of Gabrielle's fans commented.

"She is so lucky to have you! Support means everything," a second one wrote.

In just a couple of hours, about 230,000 likes and 1,600 comments poured in from the entertainer's supporters.

"Thank you @gabunion for showing what real parenting is. You and your family are a light in this darkness. Y'all are absolutely stunning," a third user noted.

"Love the twinning with your babies," someone else praised.

Earlier this year, Zaya revealed to the world that she was transgender. Her father, NBA superstar Dwyane Wade, and stepmom Gabrielle stood right by Zaya's side throughout the revelation and subsequent public adjustment process.

The 13-year-old looked fabulous in this set of snapshots, and Gabrielle quite clearly beamed with pride.