December 13, 2020
Sierra Skye Shows Out In Lacy Black Lingerie Set

Certified stunner and Instagram maven Sierra Skye updated her feed on Sunday with one of her more alluring offerings in recent memory. In the video post, the 25-year-old content creator was shown filming her scantily clad self in a large mirror using her smartphone.

Skye's slender, sensuous physique was well-evidenced in the shot, as she was wearing a lacy black lingerie set that almost appeared to be falling off of her as she posed. The scanty garment was also largely semi-sheer in nature, which allowed for a significant showing of her olive-hued skin.

Adding to the overall allure of the presentation was a subtle filter laden with sparkling, white bursts that had been imposed over the footage.

In the caption, Skye made reference to a Sunday vibe. Clearly, it was a vibe that her 4.1 million followers on the platform were in tune with, as they took to the comments section en masse to rave about her ravishing looks in the uploaded reel.

"I'm so in love with the shape of you girl!!! [multiple emoji]," wrote one supporter.

"Mmmmmm you are so gorgeous and sexy," a second admirer opined.

"I mean seriously," asked a third follower, "how often do you hear the word 'No'?"

"You're an everyday vibe. You're the most gorgeous woman ever," a fourth fan proclaimed. "If I was your man I'd be the luckiest guy to ever walk the earth."

In addition to the outpouring of support in the comments, Skye's faithful followers further endorsed her seductive share by watching it on repeat. One hour after the video had appeared on her timeline, it had already amassed an excess of 100,000 views.

With a hip-hop beat providing a quiet ambiance to the scene, Skye sat on a hardwood floor with her upper back and shoulders resting on a sofa directly behind her. She held her smartphone -- which was emblazoned with her name on its rear side -- in front of her face as she documented herself in the mirror. Consequently, only her hair, ears and the corners of her eyes could be seen in the video.

Still, the remainder of her taut, tempting physique could be seen clearly in the mirror's reflection. Her lingerie clung to her dainty shoulders by two thin straps on both sides. Its lacy neckline plummeted down the front of her body, allowing for a modest showing of cleavage. The curvature of her sculpted backside could be seen emerging from its underside.

As relayed by The Inquisitr earlier in the week, Skye was just as stunning in a previous update in which she could be seen allowing a towel to slide off of her midsection. As a result, the upper half of her cheeky posterior was on full display in the middle of the frame.