December 13, 2020
Bri Teresi Bends Over A Tennis Net In A Tiny Skirt & Super-Tight Top

Model and influencer Bri Teresi -- best known for her work with the iconic fashion brand Guess -- returned to Instagram on Sunday with a particularly provocative reel. In the full-motion post, the 26-year-old was captured on a slow approach toward the net on a tennis court. Upon reaching it, she put her pert, gym-honed posterior on display by bending over to pick up a stray ball.

If her suggestive movements weren't enough to enthrall her 1.1 million followers, the skimpy ensemble that she wore definitely did the job. Teresi sported a tiny miniskirt that largely left her booty bare when she leaned forward, as well as a super-tight top that left little mystery about the size and shape of her perky bust.

The Auburn, California product captioned her sultry share by asking her viewers if they wanted to play with her. She also took the opportunity to shout-out all of the content she was offering on other platforms and media outlets.

In the meantime, Teresi's admirers seemed to appreciate her sexy video and shared their love for it in the comments section.

"I'm up for a game but only if we play doubles," responded one follower. "I want to be standing behind you when you retrieve the balls."

"So very sexy," a second supporter gushed. "Looking wonderful [fire emoji]."

"Game, set and match," added another admirer.

"What an amazing [peach emoji] and sexy long legs [heart-eyes emoji]," a fourth fan wrote of the model's athletic frame.

Teresi's fans further engaged with her update by letting the double-taps flow. In less than an hour, the reel had already surpassed the 5,000-like mark.

As the short clip began, "Shots" by LMFAO, featuring rapper Lil Jon on vocals, blared along with the footage. The camera was held in a static position with its lens focused on the net as Teresi appeared on the left side of the frame and took two wide steps toward center court. Her Nikes appeared to touch the net as she stopped immediately before it.

Just then, the FHM and Maxim alum placed her racquet on the other side of the court's dividing line as she slowly lowered her upper body to procure the ball that rested there. In doing so, she kept her knees locked and her statuesque legs completely vertical. As a result, her pleated white miniskirt shifted up her back slightly, leaving her cheeky side bare to the elements.

After obtaining the ball, she reverted to a standing position and turned toward the camera. For a split second, a clear shot of her torso came into view. Teresi's lavender-colored top cut off near the bottom of her bustline, leaving a significant amount of underboob visible. The tightness of the garment also allowed the outlines of her nipples to be detected with minimal effort.

The camera began to follow her as she walked out of the frame, before the footage looped around to the beginning again.

On Friday, Teresi injected a bit of Christmas cheer along with her usual sex appeal in an update that showed her posing provocatively on a golf course in a tiny skirt and plunging crop top with a Santa hat.