December 13, 2020
Jojo Babie Brandishes Buxom Booty In Blue Bodysuit & Stiletto Heels

Model and influencer Jojo Babie has upped her activity level on Instagram recently, posting multiple enticing snapshots over the last several days. However, her offering on Sunday may have been the best of the bunch, as she further ignited her tempting timeline with a fabulous full-body shot.

The picture, which was snapped from a wide angle, found the curvaceous 32-year-old posing beside a wall and railing that gave way to an expansive view of the city surrounding her. However, it was her voluptuous physique that owned the frame, as she posed confidently in a navy blue bodysuit and black stiletto heels while brandishing her buxom booty.

In the caption, Jojo -- who famously refers to herself as "your favorite Asian girl" on all of her social media profiles -- implored her 10.3 million followers to tell her something about them. While some responded to her request by revealing personal details about themselves, the majority of respondents were content to gush over her otherworldly curves and plus-sized posterior.

"Wow!!! You look so amazing!!!" raved one devotee. "Absolutely gorgeous!! [multiple emoji]"

"Bootylicious," a second smitten commenter quipped. "U need to make more twerking videos."

"Looking lovely as always and lovin the thickness," declared a third follower.

"I'm in love with you baby and love your [peach emoji]," a fourth fan wrote.

Within 30 minutes, Jojo's post had inspired 500-plus replies. Fans were also double-tapping the sexy share at an incredible rate and it racked up more than 10,000 likes over the same short time frame.

Jojo was snapped with her back turned to the camera and one of her legs bent behind her, where it rested on the aforementioned wall. She held the forearm that faced the device's lens out before her while peering back over her left shoulder.

The model's dark eyes smoldered as they focused on the lens and her full, coral-hued lips curled downward into a seductive pout. Her long, bleached blond locks flowed out from their dark roots and draped over her back. Their curled ends extended all the way down to the small of her back.

Jojo's ample bosom could be seen on the near side as her tight bodysuit conformed to her left breast. The scanty garment continued to trace her sinuous body down to her backside, which was left almost completely bare in the shot.

She completed the look with her heels, which featured straps along the ankles, across the top of her foot and just below her toes.

Four days before presenting her shapely derrière from the back in her latest post, Jojo brought the heat to her feed with another update that put her bountiful bosom on full display. It, too, was a quick hit with the Babie brigade, having accrued more than 70,000 likes and almost 2,000 comments as of this writing.