December 13, 2020
'Sports Illustrated' Model Haley Kalil Showcases Perky Buns In Glittering Swimsuit

Sports Illustrated model Haley Kalil brought the heat with her latest social media share. The redhead posted a throwback photo where she wore a glittering swimsuit that revealed her decadent curves. A throng of admirers raced to view the offering and engaged with her on the platform.

Haley updated her feed on Saturday, December 12. In her caption, she shared that she missed the SI team, the photographer, and being able to travel to exotic locations. She added heart, sun, and palm tree emoji to her remark.

The 28-year-old rocked a one-piece swimsuit that, at first glance, seemed almost sheer. The sparkly fabric clung to her bodacious curves and highlighted her figure. The high-cut one-piece showed off her hips, thighs, and endless legs. The silvery sheen of the swimwear also complemented her heavily bronzed skin tone.

The pic was taken outside in the bright light of the day. Haley appeared to be standing in some very shallow water with her back against a natural wall.

She placed her pert, round booty against the dark wall. She also bent her leg, placing her left foot beside her knee to create a small triangle between her legs and added more visual interest to the shot. Haley flung her head backward and raked her hands through her tousled red mane. She closed her eyes, as if she was enjoying an ecstatic moment, and slightly parted her mouth for a provocative, sultry pose.

The bikini maven has amassed a fan base of over 349,000, who seemed to enjoy her latest post. The photo has already accumulated more than 7,000 likes and a slew of compliments.

An admirer thought she would be perfect for an iconic role.

"I am feeling a Bond Girl on this one. So beautiful," they suggested.

Another made a public wish, hoping it would someday come true.

"You are so beautiful. Manifesting a shoot like this in my life," they wrote.

"Glowing goddess shot by the photography queen [heart-eyed emoji] @josie_clough," a follower raved.

A fourth user waxed lyrical about her looks and declared their undying love.

"I am the moth to your flame. I seek out your beauty and wish you were mine. I will love you forever Haley Kalil," they gushed.

The Inquisitr reported that Haley recently shared another smoking-hot photo. For that shot, the ginger-haired model rocked a skintight white bustier-style dress that clung to her incredible curves and flaunted her waspish waist and bountiful cleavage.