'Most Beautiful Girl In The World' Thylane Blondeau Cosplays Tokyo From 'Money Heist'

Anna Harnes

French model Thylane Blondeau, who was dubbed the "Most Beautiful Girl in the World" as a child, wowed her 3.8 million Instagram followers after posting a series of new photos where she tried on a new hairstyle inspired by a character from the Netflix show Money Heist.

For the occasion, the Instagram star wore a casual ensemble that consisted of a pair of leggings and oversized top. The top was a classic long-sleeved T-shirt that seemingly consisted of a cotton-blend fabric and featured a crew neckline.

The background of the shirt was a soft white hue that both added to the casual aesthetic of the photos and complemented Thylane's sun-kissed skin. The front of the shirt featured a graphic design of a yellow face with its mouth wide open. Radioactive symbols were plastered onto the face's forehead and cheeks, and a black and white image of a hand acted as the face's eyes.

Thylane coupled the shirt with a pair of sleek black leggings. She accessorized with a pair of gold safety-pin inspired earrings.

However, what was arguably the most eye-catching aspect of the upload was the model's hairstyle. The short and choppy bob cut with bangs mimicked the character of Tokyo from the Spanish crime series Money Heist. Thylane herself fostered the connection by writing "Tokyo who?" in her caption.

The third photo was almost identical to the second, only this time, Thylane stuck out her tongue towards her nose to add some silliness to the shot. The final photo also showed her with a silly expression, only this time she directed her efforts into the mirror.

Fans went wild over the new look and awarded the post over 81,000 likes and around 350 comments.

"Stunning stunning stunning," gushed one awestruck user, emphasizing their compliment with three red heart emoji.

"Tokyo was my favorite character but I love the Tokyo look on you!" a second fan raved.

"So beautiful with dark hair," added a third follower.

"It's cute and sassy. Love it," a fourth admirer wrote, concluding their comment with a sparkling pink heart.

Thylane wowed her fans earlier this week in a different way. As was previously covered by The Inquisitr, she posted a photo of her modeling a semi-sheer sequined dress, which also proved to be a popular look amongst her followers.