December 13, 2020
Lindsey Pelas Brings The Heat To Big Bear With Stunning Selfie

Model, actress and podcaster Lindsey Pelas clearly knows how to light a fire under her nearly 9 million followers on Instagram. On Saturday, the 29-year-old electrified her already tempting timeline with a selfie that put her perky assets and incredible cleavage on full display.

Per the post's geotag, Pelas had snapped herself on the slopes of the Big Bear Mountain Ski Resort in Southern California. However, one may not have discerned as much from looking at her outfit, as the Eyes Up Here host wore a plunging top that had left her chest practically bare in the middle.

While the most intimate areas of her ample bosom were masked by the garment, the portion that she did show was sufficient in riling her adoring masses. It took less than 30 minutes for the sensuous share to pass the 10,000-like mark. The comments section also saw a flurry of activity, with almost 300 replies showing up over the same time frame.

"Gorgeous as always Lindsey!" appraised one avid supporter. "Love the lip liner."

"SO GRATEFUL THAT THE LORD HAS BLESSED US WITH SUCH BEAUTY!" a second admirer wrote passionately.

"Your clothes should get a medal for the amount of heavy lifting they do," joked a third follower.

"Come to the great white North my love!" a fourth fan suggested. "We will play in the snow!"

Pelas captioned her share by referring to "mountains on mountains," presumably a reference to her prominent bustline and the altitudinal locale. She further prodded her fans to check out her personal web presence for further content. However, she had already offered a significant serving of eye candy with her alluring update.

Due to the proximity of her smartphone -- which cast a shadow upon her right breast and neck -- her considerable bust owned nearly a third of the frame. It was partially covered by black cups that were emblazoned with a crisscrossing metallic pattern that shone in the light on her right side.

Just above the skimpy garment, her upper chest and shoulders were shrouded by curled strands of her golden blond hair, which extended out from under a white knit cap. Her locks also scintillated in the sun's rays, as did her green eyes and peach-hued lips.

Pelas peered directly into her device's lens as she snapped the photo, pursing her full lips to complete her seductive smolder.

A few days prior to chronicling her exploits on the mountain, Pelas similarly showcased her curvy attributes with a picture that showed her wearing a partially unhooked corset.