WWE News: Popular ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ Superstar Is Reportedly An Unsafe Worker

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Otis is reportedly one of several WWE performers who has been sent back to the Performance Center for extra training recently. According to a new report by Fightful, by way of Ringside News, he’s been forced to return to the training facility because there are concerns over his ability to work safely.

The report stated that Otis is well-liked backstage, but officials in the Gorilla Position believe that he’s a potentially dangerous competitor. The reason he’s been forced to put in some extra hours is that they want to finesse his skills before one of his opponents get hurt.

According to the article, there is currently no heat on the former Heavy Machinery member either, suggesting that he hasn’t injured anyone to cause any serious upset. The decision to make the Friday Night SmackDown stalwart return to the Performance Center appears to be a precautionary measure.

As The Inquisitr previously documented, Otis has also been putting in additional hours to finesse his skills. Vince McMahon was reportedly livid at some of his recent in-ring work, but he isn’t the only wrestler who’s in the same situation.

The Inquisitr report piece highlighted that Keith Lee, Dabba-Kato, Dio Maddin and Omos have also been ordered to brush up on their in-ring abilities. The Otis situation is interesting, however, as he was on the verge of a monster push a few months ago.

Otis won the Money in the Bank briefcase back in May, which suggested that he was going to receive a WWE Championship shot in the coming months. However, he lost it to The Miz a few months later and he hasn’t been a main event player since then.

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The decision to put the accolade on The Miz was due to officials wanting someone who could convincingly carry the briefcase until next year. However, the latest development raises some new questions regarding the booking decision.

It’s still possible that Otis will receive a push at a later date. McMahon is reportedly very high on the superstar because of his personality and ability to entertain the fans.

The chairman was even so inspired by the star that he wrote a lot of his romance storyline with Mandy Rose. The pair cemented their on-screen relationship at this year’s WrestleMania to conclude one of the most popular angles in recent memory.

Otis is also an inexperienced singles competitor. He was in a tag team with Tucker until they split up following the latest brand split. It’s possible that he’s been asked to do some extra training so he can get used to working on his own.