Miley Cyrus Poses In Open Vest With Nothing Underneath In Clip Almost Too Racy For Instagram

Miley Cyrus recently gave fans a show, posting a series of short videos that just barely stayed within Instagram's rules against nudity.

The singer took to her Instagram stories to show off a racy outfit that included a multi-colored vest with nothing underneath. The first video featured a close-up view of her tight stomach underneath the vest, giving fans a glimpse of her well-toned physique.

The second video, recorded from Cyrus's cell phone as she stood in front of a large circular mirror, gave her followers a full-body view of the ensemble, which included black-and-yellow patterned pants. In this clip, Cyrus ran her hands through her short hair and stuck out her tongue as she moved slightly from side to side, showing off her cleavage underneath the vest and nearly exposing herself to the camera.

Cyrus grooved out to the song "I Wanna Be Your Dog" by the legendary rock band The Stooges. In a third clip, she sang along with the lyrics, but this time appeared to have on a white shirt underneath the tiny top.

The clips appeared to be a tribute to one of the singer's biggest influences. She has often praised the work of The Stooges, particularly lead singer Iggy Pop. Critics have noted that her most recent album, Plastic Hearts, appears to be strongly influenced by him and other classic rockers.

Cyrus also told Interview Magazine that she had modeled much of her stage presence after the famed rocker.

"People ask me who I've studied for my movement on stage, and I always say Iggy Pop," Cyrus said.

Fans are likely used to seeing Cyrus in some racy poses. As The Inquisitr noted, she recently shared some of the images from her topless Rolling Stone photo shoot. The cover image showed her posing topless, with her hands strategically placed over her chest and her bright red lips in a fierce snarl.

Miley Cyrus performs at a concert.
Getty Images | Isaac Brekken

In the magazine, Cyrus said that she didn't have a game plan when starting to put together what would become her latest album, only knowing that she wanted to use the work to tell stories.

"I don't ever know what kind of record I'm trying to make when I start making it," she told the magazine. "And then because of how my lifestyle [is] and where I am in my life, it always fits and works because it's just honest. I f*cking grew up listening to country music; we're storytellers. Every record is storytelling."