Carrie Underwood Reveals Bizarre Christmas Gift From Husband Mike Fisher

Emily Hutchinson

Carrie Underwood already has her Christmas present from husband Mike Fisher, and it's pretty unconventional. The 37-year-old country superstar revealed what the retired ice hockey player got her this year in a new interview, as well as the names given to the gift by her son.

Speaking to Country Now and other media, Carrie confirmed that Mike got her exactly what she wanted -- cows.

"My husband said, 'what would you like for Christmas' and I said 'I would like cows,'" the "Something in the Water" hitmaker shared, revealing that the 40-year-old former Nashville Predators captain bought her two.

"He went and got me a couple... They're good! I mean, I love animals," Carrie added, noting that she isn't looking to farm them and plans to keep them as pets.

While the gift seems a little bizarre, the American Idol Season 4 winner admitted that they're her "favorite animal" because she grew up with them on her parents' farm in Oklahoma.

"I think they just have such personalities and I just can't wait to really get to know ours," she added.

The star explained that the animals live with herself, her husband, and their two sons on their spacious land in Tennessee where they also keep five horses. Carrie said that the horses recently moved into their "forever barn," which left a field open for something new.

The "Drinking Alone" singer added that she let her 5-year-old son Isaiah name her gifts, and he came up with monikers based on their appearances.

"My son named them brownie and Oreo because one's brown and one is black and white."

"@carrieunderwood wanted cows for Christmas [smiley face] Merry Christmas Babe!" he captioned it.

Carrie's been getting into the spirit a lot this season as she dropped her first full-length holiday album, My Gift, in October.

The star most recently stunned fans with a cut from the release on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last week when she performed a stripped back version of "O Holy Night." She wore a stunning navy blue gown in front of a starry night backdrop.

The performance was a big hit with viewers, with many claiming on social media that Carrie's vocals left them in tears.