Sylvester Stallone's Daughter, Sistine, Rocks White Tee With 'Fort Worth Texas' On The Chest

Rachel Dillin

Sylvester Stallone's daughter, Sistine, thrilled her 1.4 million Instagram followers with a brand new set of selfies showcasing a t-shirt celebrating Fort Worth, Texas.

In the shots, Sistine stood in a bathroom with a large tub behind her, which featured a shelf wrapped around it. The background had an abstract pink, gray, and black painting on the wall, a rack of colorful nail polish, an empty silver towel rack, and several other knickknacks and photos. She held her camera old school selfie-style with her fingers around a pop socket featuring a gray and white kitten in a cowboy hat. Her phone case also had decorative stickers on it. The cowboy theme continued with the model's t-shirt. The words "Fort Worth" went across her chest in red block font, lined in black. Underneath that was printed a smaller "Texas" in black. A horse with a rider appeared on one side of the words.

The 22-year-old wore her long highlighted brunette hair in a half-ponytail with open curls that tumbled over both shoulders. Shorter pieces framed her face from a center part. She cut her brown eyes toward her phone's screen, and she held her full pink lips slightly pursed. The pose also revealed a short crimson manicure.

In the second picture, she looked into the mirror instead of her screen. She had a serious look on her face and a slight sneer on her lips. The third image featured a smiling goat in a field of livestock, green grass, and flowers.

"Not even going to lie, I liked this for the goat and then you," teased one follower, who including a laughing crying smiley to complete the joke.

"Queen! Why are you so hot? Your TikTok videos are amazing. I love seeing you on social media," a second devotee enthused, including a crown, roses, and kisses.

"These pics are absolutely stunning and beautiful. You are truly stunning. Absolute goals for me. Simply breathtaking," enthused a third fan, who added hearts, flames, and kisses.

"God bless Texas and God bless Sistine. You are beautiful and fierce! The goat is the best part, though. That third pic should be your brand new profile picture. That'd be hilariously perfect and adorable. I love it," a fourth Instagram user replied along with a blushing smiley.