December 9, 2020
Spoilers For Wednesday's 'General Hospital': Jason Needs An Answer From Sam

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday's show hint that there may be heartbreak ahead for Jason and Sam. She has been struggling over the past few days as it was, and it seems that hearing everything about Julian she just did from Jason might push her to a breaking point.

The sneak peek posted on Twitter shared a hint of what's ahead. During Tuesday's episode of General Hospital, Jason told Sam that Julian was involved in the explosion at the Floating Rib. Before she could even really absorb that, Jason also dropped the baby swap bombshell.

Jason was called away by Sonny, and then told he needed to pack a bag and head to the Corinthos estate. When Sam saw him, she told him not to come back when he returned to town.

The General Hospital preview for the December 9 episode shows Sam looking quite distressed. Jason asks if Sam is asking him to move out, and she appears to hesitate.

Is that really what she's asking? It seems to be, but General Hospital fans suspect that what comes next won't be clean or simple.

According to SheKnows Soaps, he may get interrupted once again by another call from Sonny. In any event, it seems that Jason may need to leave while feeling that there is a lot left unsaid.

General Hospital spoilers for the full week revealed that Jason would be in tears at one point, as would Sam. It seems as if this difficult moment may come as he is leaving the penthouse after this discussion.

In the days ahead, Sam will seemingly continue to struggle. She'll have another tough exchange with Alexis during Thursday's episode, but she'll confide in Carly on Friday.

Next week, General Hospital teasers suggest that Jason will be solely focused on what Sonny needs from him. He'll be clearing the way for Sonny in some sense, and he'll also end up vindicated to some degree.

Sonny will apparently take charge of an escalating situation to show he's in control. Does this mean he'll manage to neutralize Cyrus and resolve the mob drama that's been quickly escalating? That seems doubtful, and it may be that this is more related to Julian's approaching exit than Cyrus.

Can Sam find her way through this period of indecision and refocus on the love she has for Jason? The two have been through a lot in the years they've been together, and most "JaSam" fans would say it will certainly take more than what's played out recently to break them apart.

Additional General Hospital spoilers regarding the struggles ahead for the pair should emerge soon. In the meantime, Wednesday's show should be a tearjerker from the sounds of things.