Olivia Jade Breaks Post-Interview Silence By Liking Tweet From Monica Lewinsky That Compares Their Situations

Lori Loughlin's daughter, Olivia Jade, broke her social media silence to like a tweet from Monica Lewinsky that compared their two situations. The move comes after the former University of Southern California student opened up earlier this week about her college bribery scandal with Jada Pinkett Smith on the YouTube series Red Table Talk, per The Inquisitr.

Despite making headlines, Olivia Jade mostly remained silent after the interview aired. Her two most recent uploads on her Instagram account were reposts of clips from the discussion. In addition, she has not posted anything on her YouTube account.

While Olivia Jade did not write any specific comments on Twitter, she seemingly expressed her thoughts by liking a message of support from Lewinsky. The 47-year-old was famously thrust into the limelight after the details of her affair with then-President Bill Clinton became public knowledge. Lewinsky had been working as an intern at the White House and just 22 years old when her relationship with the president began. Since the scandal, Lewinsky has turned her focus onto activism, with a specific focus on cyberbullying.

"I think Olivia Jade was honest, thoughtful and poised. I hope she gets the second chance she deserves. I'm saying this as someone who really knows about mistakes in one's early 20's. Olivia is very self aware and sincerely apologizes. Jada Pinkett Smith, you created an authentic circle," she wrote in a tweet.

Monica Lewinsky smiles at an event.
Getty Images | Matt Winkelmeyer

The tweet overall has received 625 likes in addition to around 11 comments since it was first posted yesterday afternoon. One person confessed that the comment had sparked a change in opinion.

"That actually made me think twice about my harsh judgment of her and her family. You're right; if we'd like to be afforded second chances we have to allow for others to have them as well," the user tweeted.

A greater number, however, were less receptive and voiced their anger that Olivia Jade was receiving so much support from the internet community.

"I'm surprised to see ML advocating for the extremely wealthy and privileged. In no way was her 'mistake' similar," tweeted another.

Olivia Jade is well-versed in using social media to connect with audiences across the country and the world. Before Operation Varsity Blues, the 21-year-old had a flourishing career as an influencer and vlogger. Though she posted a return video to check in with fans around a year ago, she has not updated her channel in the past 11 months.

Both of her parents are currently in jail due to the scandal, per The Inquisitr.